How to Get Free PS3 Games and DLCs Using CFW 3.55 Rebug

Cyberskunk released his CFW for 3.55 which turns your Retail PS3 into a Debug one, a while ago and people have been using it to their advantage. This tutorial will show you how to get alot of Free Things off the PSN Store without having to charge your credit card. If you get stuck feel free to leave a comment below and ill be sure to reply back as fast as I can. Please also remember to Like Us on Facebook at the top.

1) Get on CFW 3.55 Rebug. If you are on 3.56 or 3.60 their is no downgrade. Don't ask.
2) Change NP Enviroment from NP to PROD-QA
3) Reboot PS3 into Rebug Mode using CEX DEX Rebug Tool
4) Create a Quick Sign up account
5) Go to transaction Method and add funds ($150.00) the Credit card will already be there for you.
6) Go to (He's a Good Acquaintance Over at NGU) on your web Browser and Search for whatever you want.
(PS They have First Strike EU, and USA DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops)
7) Click the Link and Then The link will pop up and ask you to Go To PSN
8) It will bring up the PSN Store and click Download and Buy
9) No Real Money is needed because it tricks it into thinking their is one on file.
10) Now switch your NP Enviroment back to SP-INT and Run a Server Mapper On your PC (Needed for Most Games) to play your newly downloaded PSN Content and or DLC.

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