Nintendo DS Pokemon Mini V0.4.5

PokeMini is a DS homebrew made by justburner.

Fixed interrupt flag status after interrupt jump/call
Added "Generated", "Direct PWM" and "PWM+Filter" sound modes
Generated - Mode used in slow platforms
Direct PWM - Same as direct but with ability to play PWM raw sounds
PWM+Filter - Direct PWM with filtering to simulate PM's piezo speaker
LCD update now when "dirty" instead of PRC rate counter match
Unofficial colors information structure changed to lower memory usage
Support for 4x4 attributes in unofficial colors
Added "Reload colors info..." to reload the .minc file
Soft reset now supported, changing rom won't reset clock
FreeBIOS 1.2: Display status and improved compatibility
SDL Only: Added joystick support (disabled by default)
Joystick can be enabled under "Platform..." -> "Define Joystick..."
SDL Only: Color depth can be changed between 16bpp and 32bpp
Wiz Only: Fixed crash when sound disabled and added SDL port (wizsdl)
NDS, Wiz and PSP Only: Battery can be setup to reflect real battery
Source Only: Added some simplified platforms to help porting

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