PS3 Multiman 1.17.02 for Kmeaw/Rebug/Wutangrza/Geohot/Wanikoko

01.17.01/02 -
* Interface update
* Simplified and cleaner look
* Slick and professional feel
* Link XMB VIDEO files to Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Launch Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Game options: press SQUARE
* System menu: press TRIANGLE * Updated version of SHOWTIME MEDIA PLAYER (codepages Windows-1250 and 1251)
* "Favorites" menu in next version
* Themes must be updated to reflect latest changes
* More options added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* user_font added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* game_bg_overlay added in COLOR.INI
* "Cover not available" cover in some display modes
* "[O] Save" in submenu changed to "[O] Back"
* Updated the "Original theme" to reflect the recent changes
* Changes to the Game Options sub-menu - support for PNG covers - display of game version and ps3 firmware required in title name
* Changes in File manager - TRIANGLE - one directory up - UP+R2 - to top of list - DOWN+R2 - to bottom of list
* Support for REBUG firmwares (properly working BD mirror function)

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