PS3 Game Renamer v1.02 Beta: Rename Your Backups

Pink Floyd over at Gueux-Forum, has created this small app, which is called PS3 Game Renamer v1.2 Beta, that allows you to rename your PS3 backups. It is still in beta version so there is probably still some bugs flying around. Some features for this app are scan files backups locally or via FTP to the PS3, search the ID and the actual name of the game, search updates available for the games, portable version of 32bit and 64 bit for Windows. There is also a few changes that come with this latest version of v1.2. View the functions and the changes for this latest beta version 1.2 by reading below.

- Scan files backups locally or via FTP to the PS3
- Search the ID and the actual name of the game
- Rename in the following formats:
* GAMEID-[GAME NAME] (Perfect Multiman for example)
- Search the update available for your games
- Saves the current state of the names before any changes to be able to navigate so bad manip
- Portable version, 32-bit and 64 bit

Todo / In progress:
- Option to save the file SAVEDATA the PS3 (with DATE MARKING compression and a history of backup)
- Option to transfer the game on the PS3 via FTP

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