PSP 6.20PRO-B5 Fix & 6.35PRO-B5 Fix Released

[Image: 0901B000F500345823.jpg]
Virtuous and Flame Coldbird, Chinese and European developers, working for several months to develop a non-permanent custom firmware, the 6.35 PRO. Over the updates, the program has gained in features and stability, and has expanded to land on firmware 6.20 (6.20 forming the PRO). The latter can be permanently installed on the PSP through a dedicated patch, which is not the case with 6.35 PRO.

Yesterday, our two friends put online a new revision to their two custom firmware. However, several bugs have arisen, making it impossible to install programs, playing some tough games, etc.. Some returns were even mentioned semi-bricks.

Both developers have worked hard to find the source of errors, and arrived at the following result: the kernel is the cause. As a result, they were able to upload a patch that would correct most problems.

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