Sony Offered Credit Card Database Back From Hackers and Decline

Discussion about #psnhack and possible speculation about the hackers being from Europe Logs - efnet - #ps3dev - 2011-04-26

trixter, people I know had a shell on the psn servers

did you know that sony didn't disable the function that sets the psn server under maintenance ?

The hackers that hacked PSN are selling off the DB. They reportedly have 2.2 million credits cards with CVVs #psnhack

Sony was supposedly offered a chance to buy the DB back but didn't #psnhack

@mikkohypponen That is what is going around on some underground forums. The DB contains pretty much everything

@the_pc_doc That is what I thought but the guys selling it say that they have CVV2 numbers

@RiquezJP Well not properly securing your server breaks compliance as far as I know.

@RangerRick Yeah, this information about the CVV2 numbers could be bogus. The guys selling the DB could just be making it up.

Supposedly the hackers selling the DB says it has: fname, lnam, address, zip, country, phone, email, password, dob, ccnum, CVV2, exp date

No, I have not seen the DB so I can not verify that it is true

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