PSP DaedalusX64 Beta 3: Signed for OFW

[Image: 592e2e4e92bf85ac928ell.png]
Fixed multiple suns glitch in Zelda
Fixed wrapping issues in Zelda
Added cheat support (routines and format based from 1964)
Front-end for cheats
Rewrote how wee generate cic codes (code is 90% smaller now)
Only update viewport when it changes
Unlocked extra memory for all psps, except phat of course (note : if using a loader, make sure is supported)
Rewrote display list PC stack (this heavily based from Rice plugin)
Fixed error I did in Patch_Hacks (was causing the oshle scanning fail in certain ROMS)
Fixed trees in Dream Land (SSB) (no need to add fraction in integer part)
Fixed bug that caused PSP screen to stretch when tv out cables were connected
Fixed nasty texture to work along blendmode maker in Combiner Explorer (just press triangle to use it)
Corrected (huge)mistake from 597 that caused slim cache to be ignored (small speed up in slim and newer models)
Made osAiSetNextBuffer thread safe, also added several asserts to make sure wee handle everything.
Removed Conker shadow hack (no longer needed, generic blendmode takes care of the shadow)
Ignore IMEM transfers for speed (wee don’t use low-level RSP plugin for the PSP version anyways)
Simplified Sprite2D
Implemented correctly DLParser_TexRect_Last_Legion (fixes BSOD in sub menus)
Use 32bit screenmode for tv out
Force struct alignment for our ucodedefs (generates better code)
Added several blendmodes (Salvy, Corn, Bdacanay)

Small optimization for graphics loading/adding triangles. Some minor optimizations to the VFPU TnL. Optimized loading vector plan
es for clipping
Alpha channel gets passed along even when doing lighting on a tris.
Fixed critical rendering bug (and Dlist counter bug) in Conker. Optimized triangle rendering in Conker.
Speed up using early FRONT/BACK tris culling in software. Added display render stats on screen as an option (only available in Di
splay list debug mode)
Made CPU rendering compatible with VFPU rendering (insert-matrix and ENV MAP)
Implemented Env mapping which is done (very fast) in the VFPU (Fixes SM64 stars and OOT stones, SSV ship)
Some optimizations on Bcopy(), memcpy() and CRC()
Improved hack for Wonder project J2 with a speed up (require setting texture check to 4 or so)
Fix the chopped off graphics(bug) in the ROM selector menu
Optimized Proj matrix sceGU load (Only reaload Project matrix to sceGU if its updated)
Fixed blocks in New Tetris lining up backwards
Replaced swizzle_fast with Raphael’s version

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