PSP Total Noob Releases 6.20 TN-E

[Image: 620tn30050901e001100034.jpg]
* Added ‘TN Settings’ option to the XMB where you can adjust your configurations and plugins (based on Bubbletune’s Game Categories).
* Added OSK Character Limit Increase (the Internet Browser OSK only supports 512 characters. This patch allows you to use 1518 characters).
* Added password control at startup (change password in ‘Security Settings’).
* Added sceUmdMan_driver patch (umd4hombrew is not necessary anymore).
* Added ability to access flash0, flash1, flash2, flash3 and UMD Disc via USB.
* Added PSX multi-disc support.
* Added possibility to hide hen eboot in the game menu.
* Added version.txt display.
* Added more functions to kubridge library.
* Cloned more NIDs that Sony removed in 6.20.
* Fixed bug that didn’t show ‘Memory Card Utility’ in pops.
* Fixed syscall execution in kernel mode (thanks to neur0n).
* Redesigned NID Resolver.
* Updated NID Table.
* Improved plugins compatibility: PSPConsole, Macro Fire, Custom Firmware Extender, Brightpad, Battery Warning Plugin and many more!

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