PSP LUA-Tool v0.1 Released

The User Shaplayer from the Forum has relesed his LUA-Tool in Version 0.1!

Changelog: Translated

New Font!
-New design!
New-written by me, improved File Browser!
-New UMD Ripper written by me!
New-pixel fixed-written by me!

* Beta 1.3
New-Added much improved BUTTON TESTER!
(you can see on the PSP graphically what you've pressed ≠ = you see on the PSP a PSP which expresses the same as you!)

* Beta 1.2
Analog-stick tester added!
-New name! Price: LUA tool!
-A ButtonTester
-A script,was viele wichtige INformationen,der PSP auf der PSP anzeigt!
-A Filebrowser
-A UMDRipper
-A Analog-Stick TESTER
-A PixelFixer

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