Careful of Fake iPad 2 Jailbreak

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As we learned last month, it is possible to jailbreak iPad 2 but no jailbreak has been released yet as iPhone hacker Comex is still working on it. Some random person by the name of d0nfyxn has created a fake iPad 2 Jailbreak download named A5-2Lib02 and also posted a fake YouTube video showing himself performing a jailbreak using this program.

The A5-2Lib-2 software download works on Windows, and it’s purposely designed to tell you “”Failed to connect the device, please try again” whenever you try to use it to jailbreak iPad 2. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of people fell for this prank by d0nfyxn and ended up downloading this fake iPad 2 jailbreak as d0nfyxn has over 630 followers on Twitter and 187 fans on Facebook.

What was d0nfyxn’s reason for making this fake iPad 2 hardware jailbreak? He said it was just a test, and he found out people are too naive.

If you want to stay safe then avoid downloading fake jailbreak software by random people like d0nfyxn as they could have viruses, and many fake jailbreaks have appeared on the web in the past. If any jailbreak hacker is close to releasing any iPad 2 jailbreak at all, it’s Comex and he hasn’t announced when it will be released yet. We will definitely make a post here once an official iPad 2 jailbreak is released.

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