PSP 6.38 Kernel Exploit by Total_Noob (Video)

Total_Noob strikes again finding yet another exploit flaw on the PSP handheld console. Their has been speculation of this video whether or not it is spoofed to 6.38 or real. Some believe it is spoofed at 6.38 because we can not see the 'Qriocity' because it is clevery hidden. If it is fake it will ruin Total_Noob's reputation and as you can see in the video description he will not be releasing to the public.

Quote (Total_Noob's Video Description): 
When I got a new PSPgo (other one was bricked, 'cause this **** Perma-Patch), I decided to spend some time to find a new Kernel Exploit. This is the result after one week. It is not going to be released, 'cause there's no ISO-Loader integrated, so you guys are probably not content with it.

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