PSP ResourceHidder for 6.2X / 6.3X

[Image: capture0022.jpg]Neur0n just updated the ResourceHidder plugin for 6.2X - 6.3X that was officially developed by Zer01ne

This is a plugin allows to hide the files ICON0.PNG, ICON1.PMF, PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG and SND0.AT3 of UMDs, PBPs, savedatas and UMD UPDATE ICON in the XMB,
the GAMEBOOT and the PSP Logo in launching game/HomeBrew.
This is only copy of Preview Contents Hidder original by Total_Noob and not a reverse "same if a have based of the asm code of at this"

The configuration file "RscHidder.txt" allows to choose wich file you want to hide.

How to install it:
For install it copy there folder seplugins in the root of your Memory Stick
and copy this line ms0:/seplugins/RscHidder.prx 1 in the file X:\seplugins\vsh.txt

X = Letter of your PSP in Computer

For noobs:
ICON0.PNG - The small preview image
ICON1.PMF - The small preview video
PIC0.PNG - The small background image
PIC1.PNG - The big background image
SND0.AT3 - The small preview music
GAMEBOOT = The video in launching Jeux/HomeBrew.
PSP Logo = The PSP Logo in the GAMEBOOT screen

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