PSP MP3PlayerPlugin V1.4; Music Plugin for XMB/Game

Homebrew developer plum has recently released another update for the MP3PlayerPlugin PSP app. The new version works with PSP running under 5.00 M33, 5.03HEN, 5.50GEN, 6.20TN and 6.35 PRO. The plugin lets PSP users listen to their favorite MP3 tracks while playing games on the Sony handheld.

Here's a Google-translated changelog for this latest release:

MP3PlayerPlugin UPDATE v1.4:

plug-in music playback
Plug in the operation of the light, skip, add the blending mode menu
How can such changes in the expression of the specified channel mute
And here's a translation of the control scheme:

L + R + Left / Right = select other songs
L + R + [] = Pause
L + R + O = Change the order of play (in order, randomly, etc.)
L + R + Triangle = Play the song again.
L + R + Up / Down = change in volume.

Download Here

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