PSP ISO Tool v1.972: Decrypt EBOOT.Bin, Repack, Convert to CSO

[Image: isotool1972.jpg]
Takka has released a new verison of his ISO tool, bumping it up to version 1.972. ISO Tool allows you to decrypt EBOOT.BIN game files, repack ISOs, patch ISOs, convert ISOs to CSO format, and create XMB ISO icons.
[NEW] internal process (OFW starts), even if you can decrypt the type6
[NEW] OFW to use the same binary version, the network temporarily delete the relationship
[BUG] Fixed a freeze that at the end
[NEW] auto_cfw / cfw switching function is not available, so if you do not use all the menu / deleted from the distribution file
[NEW] fake_np/iso2eboot implement the same functionality
* The maximum size is about 728MB ISO is to convert
* Requires pre-trial version of Phantasy Star 2 Infiniti

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