PS3 OpenPS3FTP V2.1.1: Improved Response Time/Bug Fixes

A new version of OpenPS3FTP is out and includes a lot of changes–good changes in v2.1. The most noticeable change in v2.1 is the file transfer code, which has been rewritten to improve data transferring to and from your PS3 console. Other changes includes code optimizations, cache improvements, and additional FTP commands–see changelog for the rest.

Changelog for v2.1.1
- More optimizations (improved response time)
- Reverted LIST format to support old clients
- Squished some bugs

About OpenPS3FTP:

OpenPS3FTP is an open source multi-threaded ftp server for the PS3 created with the PSL1GHT homebrew SDK. It is less than 100 KB.

Features include:

Passive mode support
Active mode support
Multiple worker support
Resume transfers
Password changing
Remote exit app

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