PS3 MultiMAN 1.16.14 for CFW 3.55 Kmeaw/Wanikoko/Geohot

Deans done it again, lol. Thanks to Deank (maker of multiMAN) for updating the most popular back-up manager on the PS3.

Added: New display mode (8x4) with support for 32 titles on screen
Added: Navigation with LEFT and RIGHT analogue sticks in game modes
Added: Installed homebrew apps with RELOAD.SELF can be launched via multiMAN
Added: PIC0.PNG+PIC1.PNG overlay when creating cached images (clear cache to get it)
Added: Abort "Setting access permission" by pressing [O] or [^]
Added: Support for condorstrike's helpMME help application from within file manager (press [X] over the HELP button)
Added: Skip initial scan when multiMAN is spawned by its RELOAD.SELF
Added: SBOX.PNG image for themes (supports shadows, covers, docks) for 8x4 display mode
Added: Multiple files OR folders copy/delete/move in file manager (select with [SELECT] button)
Added: Up/Down can move and scroll through pages in File Manager mode
Added: new option in options.ini: [scan_for_apps] to scan for RELOAD.SELF compatible apps
Changed: Spoofed firmware detected by CRC check of dev_flash files
Changed: Better copy/backup progress indication (even for games with very large number of files)

Download Here (Mirror) Must be on Multiman V1.16.13
Here is the Download for V1.16.12/13

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