PS3 Graf Chokolo Releases a GameOS VFlash Resizer for Linux

Graf_Chokolo publicly released a few tools for users to install Linux onto their PS3's VFLASH. We originally reported on this project here but graf had not yet released the tools to replicate his results. The tools are for FW 3.41 but can be adapted to work on 3.55 FW (and users have already achieved this).

Download: Git

otheros-utils/common.git – Common modules for OtherOS…
-otheros-utils/create_vflash5.git – Creates a new VFLASH region…
-otheros-utils/create_vflash7.git – Creates a new VFLASH region…
-otheros-utils/delete_vflash5.git - Deletes VFLASH region 5
-otheros-utils/delete_vflash7.git – Deletes VFLASH region 7
-otheros-utils/install_otheros_bootloader_loader.git – Installs OtherOS bootloader…
-otheros-utils/install_petitboot_on_vflash5.git – Installs petitboot (or other…
-otheros-utils/panic1.git – Panics with mode 1
-otheros-utils/resize_vflash.git – Adds more sectors to VFLASH…
-otheros-utils/udp_printf_client.git - Client for seeing UDP debug…

Graf has not posted any tutorial on actually how to use these tools, but the following posts from Graf blog provide an excellent insight to what these tools are, and even a general outline/tutorial on what to do and how to use. This is for advanced users.

linus says:
April 10, 2011 at 8:26 am
Hi Graf,
Thank you for this incredible work. I check out your repository and have a question about the new tools that allow to create / delete VFLASH from GameOS, are this actually only for 3.41?
graf_chokolo says:
April 10, 2011 at 8:39 am
It’s easy to adapt them for 3.55.
I uploaded my VFLASH resizer app for GameOS. I need someone who wants to test it. Make sure you make backup of your HDD first Because after resizing, GameOS will reformat HDD. Contact me for instructions Thanks
Here are diffs for 3.55 which were provided by a PS3 Linux fan which got it working on 3.55. Thanks a lot man
#1778085 - Pastie
Additionally, to make install_otheros_bootloader_loader work on 3.55, you have to change this line in install_otheros_bootloader_loader/source/main.c
#define LOG2_PAGE_SIZE_OFFSET (0x000a5dd0ull + 0x1b0ull)
to this line
#define LOG2_PAGE_SIZE_OFFSET (0x000a7dd0ull + 0x1b0ull)
linus says:
April 10, 2011 at 9:24 am
I tested VFLASH resizer on 3.55. It works

After installed and rebooted I was asked to format the HDD. Now I have a nice 40GB for my linux Hahahahahah so happy.
Next step install_otheros_bootloader_loader.
And here is a small tutorial by someone named “user” who gets PS3 Linux on his 3.41 PS3

user says:
April 10, 2011 at 8:52 am
Hi graf_chokolo,
Yesterday, i have tested your new otheros-utils GameOS applications.
I follow the steps according to your documentation in ps3devwiki and blog.
Now i’m on cfw 3.41 HV thanks to you, vflash5 and vlash7 resized.
I run the petitboot installer with the dtbImage.ps3.bin at the root of my USB key, with vmlinux and vmlinux.elf too.
i run the other ‘install_otheros_bootloader_loader’ too.
Everything gone fine, no brick, no date lost, no need dongle anymore thanks to your cfw 3.41 HV.
BUT, how i can access to petitboot, it’s installed, but i can’t launch it
Any application in order to do this ? Or maybe i have to run vmlinux.elf.
Thank you very much for your hard work.
So, here what i did :
1) delete_vflash5
2 ) delete vflash7
3) create_vflash5
4) resize_vflash
5) create_vflash7
6) install_petitboot_on_vflash5
7) install_otheros_bootloader_loader
But it didn’t launch petitboot. I know resize_vflash works because ps3 system tell me he has to format the partition, and i see 61GB/111GB, so the 40GB “missing” are for new resize vflash7.
So where i fail ? Maybe i don’t do the right step at the right time…
I used your dtbImage.ps3.bin.
And it work fine now i’m on cfw 3.41 HV ( no need dongle anymore ).
Thanks for the tips. I compiled petitboot just fine too, with your instructions in ‘ps3_petitboot_howto’ ;p
I’m going to launch petitboot right now. I’ll be back with feedback ;p

graf_chokolo says:
April 10, 2011 at 10:45 am
You need a patched HV call 114. OFW 3.41 doesn’t allow you to map HV memory into GameOS address space, that’s the problem. I need this HV call so i can replace GameOS bootloader with my own.
To patch HV 114 you need to install PS3MFW:

S3MFW LV1 patch (Option –patch-lv1-mmap: Allow mapping of any memory area [Needed for LV2 Poke]) can be used without problems on 3.55, 3.50, 3.42, 3.41, 3.40, 3.30, 3.21, 3.15, 3.10. The LV1 patch fails as expected on 3.01 and earlier and ofcourse on 3.56 and higher (both tested with PS3MFW v.01 and v.02).
After the prepatched MFW is installed, there should be no problem using HV rights

user says:
April 10, 2011 at 12:16 pm
I’m back !
debug informations :
main:50: start
main:53: OtherOS bootloader loader size (0×00000217)
main:61: patching log2 page size
main:65: patching sll load lv2
main:69: end
main:33: start
main:35: end
So, as you can see, everything work just, i’m running on petitboot right now, thanks to you graf_chokolo.
Now i can boot GNU/Linux and install it in the internal hdd

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