i0n1c Releases Untethered IOS 4.3.1 Exploit: Available only If You Crack the Password

I0n1c has posted his untether for the iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak but you'll have to be able to crack the zip password to access it.

Some people still did not get that the untether.zip "leak" was intentional. Have fun bruteforcing a 30 character AES password.

Ehmm it is a simple ZIP file with AES encryption. winzip / 7z support that.

The untether is downloadable at http://antid0te.com/untether.zip (but only if you can crack the ZIP password)

The problem is: I forgot the password.

It is only mean if you are really so desperate that you cannot wait for the dev-team to release redsn0w with it.

So as I0n1c says, if you know what you are doing and absolutely can't wait till the Dev-Team releases their jailbreak then you can download and crack the untether for your own use.

Im in the middle of cracking the password. Once it is down Ill grab the exploit and reupload it for everyone here at www.mateogodlike.com

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