How to Get Back on PSN Using Any Call of Duty Game with Rebug SP-INT Server

1- You need to install Rebug 3.55 CFW (google)

2- Now you need to set Original PSN to Dev PSN Go to Debug Settings-> NP Environment-> Change to "sp-int"

3- Now you need to start the spoof 3.60 rebug. then you will lose your Debug setting for get it back you need to install and run Cex Dex Rebug selector (google) then press L1+O and reboot your ps3

4- Now You need to make a new account on PSN you can set everything random but the PSN ID must be the same of the account on Original PSN or COD will not load your stats (lvl,classes,ect).

5- Now you need to set on your PS3 on Internet Connection Setting as Primary DNS the LOCAL IP of you PC (192.168.XXX.XXX) and as Secondary your modem IP OR ""

5- Start the my tool and make sure it's showing the right Local IP (192.168.XXX.XXX) then press OK.

And you done you can play on Black ops,MW2,COD4 on Rebug CFW

Download Here


Q: Does it's UNBAN my PS3 from Black Ops
A: NO!!!

Q: Can i use it on 3.60 OFW
A: No you cant plus it's useless becouse that it's only for 3.55 REBUG CFW.

Q: I still get the Server error
A: Make sure the account that you created have not the some id of someone banned on original PSN

You need .Net Framework 3.5 at least.

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