PSP 6.20TN-D Coming Friday

Despite all the rumors and lies you might have seen elsewhere Total_Noob is releasing 6.20 TN-D. And its coming real soon. Friday night infact (French time). Its doing to be released via as per the other TN HEN releases. I know many of you are waiting for this release. Others have switched to 6.35 PRO etc, its a free world.
Still it seems the Chinese hackers have slightly annoyed TN, taking some of his work and not giving credit where due. Can you blame him? I guess the scene will never be 100% free of drama’s now will it. Anyway its coming and here is the changelog:
6.20 TN-D changelog:
(6.20 TN-D by Total_Noob)
- Added homebrew icon (thanks to PhysXPSP).
- Added full PSone gaming support (PSN PSone games, converted PSone games).
ICON0.PNG will be replaced if it isn’t 80×80, else pops.prx causes a crash (custom icon by PhysXPSP).
- Added KEYS.BIN creation (possibility to share PSN PSone games).
- Added possibility to resume unofficial PSone games on PSPgo.
- Added plugins support for PSone games.
- Added TiltFX(motion controller) and Action Replay(cheat device) support (thanks to HacKmaN).
- Added possibility to translate TN VSH Menu.
- Added possibility to use own font table for TN VSH Menu.
- Fixed flash0 protection bug.
- Fixed 32gb memory stick incompatibility.
- Fixed bug that causes a crash when you suspend the device (manually) in TN VSH Menu.
- Increased large memory to 51m

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