PS3 OpenPS3FTP V2.5: Open Source FTP Server

jjolano proposes a new version of its FTP server for PS3 which has the distinction of being completely Open Source.

New / fixed:

- Change file ICON0.PNG
- Passage in a different category of the XMB (now under Network)
- Fixed a possible memory leak
- Added "dev_dragon" in the list of detection and warning
- Changing the output format of the LIST command
- Addition of new algorithms and methods
- Should support the Remote Play (untested)
- Added a better way to retrieve the IP (internet connection required more - thank you Andoma)
- Added / app_home and / host_root in the listing of exceptions, they pose problems
- Using the "Hermes' sprx sysfs link" instead of syscalls lv2
- Adjustments to improve internal performance, stability and reliability
- Added a "screen saver" (just a blank screen after 60sec of inactivity)
- New GIT

The archive also contains a version of the CFW Geohot and a version without a password for the connection.

Use the IP of your PS3 to connect to your PS3, then use:

Login: root
Password: openbox

Download Here

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