PSP 6.35PRO-C Work in Progress News

Coldbird has posted some news concerning his up and coming Custom firmware for the PSP, heres what he said:

Sheesh, I always underestimate how much work this is… I really doubt I will get this done today, but I’m hoping for a Betatest next weekend.
Either way… things are rounding up quite nicely for the PRO-C online test code for God Eater Burst!
I’ve finished the necessary kernel aswell as user code for the PSP client-side, it now operates on a trigger basis, leaving only the server code to get refactored, very nice indeed.
I must admit I spent a lot of time sitting in my chair with a notebook (paper, not tech) and a pencil, making sketches on how I want the thing to work… this really helped in laying out the necessary code to get things wrapped up the way it is now.
As always, I will keep you guys updated.
PS. My partner VF brews on something very special for you guys too, I’m sure you guys will be surprised when it’s out.

See you around~

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