PS3 CFW 3.55 OpenSide: Similar to Kmeaw/Naima/Wanikoko

Who are the Team openside?
They are a group of people of Spanish origin, currently residing in London. Anonymously, have decided to build a custom firmware from the relevant files and other custom firmwares from applications and files available to the Scene of PS3. They are not coders, they simply have taken files that are not yours or have changed them and integrated them all in one Custom Firmware. In his blog, you can see the source files included.

If you already have a custom firmware installed, I recommend that you reinstall the 3.55 Official Firmware before installing it. If you have a version earlier than 3.55, you can install it directly.

CFW 3.55 Version 1.4b
Does not include payload . You can load it using LV2 Patcher . (Some Loaders load it automatically.)
You can play movies on Blu-ray.
Other features are the same that the version 1.4

CFW 3.55 Version 1.4
All features of Firmware 3.55 Official .
Greater stability than other previous CFWS.
Loading backups with Loaders .
On the " / app_home/PS3_GAME / ".
Support for signed homebrews and semi-signed .
Package Manager v0.9 installed .
Incorporated the same payload that Waninkoko Custom Firmware V2 .
No you can play movies on Blu-ray.
PlayStation Network connection without the need of programs. ( currently not working ).
Includes certificate CA27.cer to use FuckPSN v0.6 ( currently not working ).
The process is reversible , we want to return when Firmware 3.55 Official .

Download Here

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