PS3 CFW 3.60 with Open PSN: Load of Bull?

The team is pleased to present OpenPs3 CFW 3.60 OpenPs3-based!

Yes, gentlemen ... After several (heated) discussions within the development team and on the staff of NeXtRL (of which you have seen the changes ...), Team OpenPs3 delight you with their first CFW, based on OFW 3.60 .. .

Main features:

Apart from the classics and the install package file to mount app_home, the project is distinguished by certain implementations OpenPs3 / choices.

1) CFW 3.60 based, with PSN ENABLED.
2) LV2 patched on the fly in RAM at each boot. (Fully compatible with all today's BM) is also a handy built-in Backup Manager nell'XMB based on open source BM Hermes.
3) OtherOS restored!
4) Support for external drives fat32, exFAT, NTFS, ext3, ext4 (without entering any part of vid & pid)
5) native support. Mkv and scattered many tweaks here and there ...

And here are the instructions, extrapolated from the README:

NOT in any way first to the latest 3.60 ...

1) Remove all in a single folder.
2) Open a command prompt and type eg cd Desktop \ ProjectOpenPs3 \ (this if you have created the folder on the Desktop ProjectOpenPs3)
3) Now run the command to create the CFW: bspatch.exe PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3UPDAT_NEW.PUP patchfile (I recommend the spaces, it may be that
bspatch goes wrong or does not generate anything, remake the procedure to be 0 if you do)
4) Do check with the MD5 Md5Checker through file attachment.

The md5 dell'OFW MUST be: 91EE193A2FA921A6FCE780FC40236E3B
The md5 of the CFW should be: E0EED0F39D038118F3249E13E59C425E

5) Flash only, and ONLY if you have the values ​​written above, otherwise stop immediately.
6) If you are on the original or 3.60 CFW / OFW to CFW XMB from lower-to-date.

NOT in any way first to the latest 3.60 ...

The store (which will be delivered in PM) is encrypted in AES-256 and password protected. The password and the firmware will be associated with your serial number, to avoid spreading like wildfire in the same short time. (This means that even if you pass the password in your midst, the CFW will not be installed in any way, since the various integrity check will fail end)

We accept, also, 10 "reservations" to the day, as the generation of fw associated with your console requires a significant task in changing the sub-routines that manage the pairing between CFW es / No

The same reservations should be made to this topic and will be attested by the timestamp of the post. Once "booked", please send me the s / n of your console, which will be used ONLY and ONLY for the generation of CFW.

The download is less likely to happen then Mathieulh releasing 3.60 Private Keys.


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