PSP TempAR V1.61: AR Cheats for Games

[Image: tempar.png]
Tempar 1.61 is released by raing3!

This plugin allows you cheating in games.

Changes in v1.61 (March 30, 2011)
[+] Fixed value search speed is almost twice as fast.
[+] Added tempar_autooff.prx. This plugin will revert normal 8/16/32-bit constant
write codes to their original values when the cheat is deactivated. This is so
ASM codes don't require a separate off code. If the constant write codes are
within a conditional or are influenced by another code type their values will
not be restored.
[!] Fixed some random bugs.

What does it do?
TempAR is an almost complete rewrite of the popular PSP cheat device NitePR/MKULTRA. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as key improvements to the existing functionalities.

The most notable improvements and additions in this cheat device are:
Improvments to the cheat engine to support CWCheat and PSPAR code types, support for NitePR codes was removed!
Improved search functionality to greatly increase speed of known and unknown memory searches (in some cases more than 100x faster).
Homebrew and PSX support.
Support for single-select and multi-select collapsible folders for grouping codes.
UMD dumper to create ISO images from UMDs and PSStore EBOOTs.

Installation Instructions (for normal CFW and 6.20 HEN)
1.Copy the seplugins folder to your Memory Stick (if not copying over game.txt and pops.txt be sure to manually add those lines to the files on the MS).
2.Installation Instructions (for 6.31/6.35/6.36 PRO)
3.Create a folder called "seplugins" in the root of the Memory Stick.
4.Copy the TempAR folder located inside the seplugins folder of the download to the plugins directory.
5.Create a file called "game.txt" inside the plugins directory. Add "ms0:/plugins/TempAR/tempar_lite.prx 1" to the file.

In-Game Controls
Show cheat menu: Press home twice followed by VOLUP+VOLDOWN).
Enable Cheat Engine: Press Note.

Screenshot: Press SELECT+VOLDOWN.

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