PSP TempAR V1.60: Action Reply Cheats

[Image: frmbuf000x.jpg]
New update by the coder raing3 of his time, the plugin that allows PSP owners to use cheats to improve the functionality and use the codes in cwcheat. The 1.60 release mainly improves the compatibility and code management.

- Added better support for homebrew, now uses unique IDs Game Which are the Same as Those generated by cwcheat. Big thanks to HARO for the help.
- Single select folders are now supported.
- Rewrote search function, now it is much faster (average 100x faster) and has less wear on the memory stick.
- Added option to change how many search results can be found before the search is terminated. Using the default will cause the time to find all results.
- Can now save cheats. Cheats are saved to an individual file in ms0: / seplugins / Weather / cheats / game-{id}. Db. These cheats you can load by load cheat Selecting the appropriate options file.
- Added cheat delete function.
- Pressing triangle now shows to cheat on a menu Which Allows the user to edit, rename, delete or copy the cheat.
- All loaded search results can now be added with a single click.
- Added support for custom fonts 8x8. If you wish to use a custom font place it at ms0: / seplugins / Weather / font.bin.
- Added a text viewer. The text viewer can be triggered by going to the last tab. If a text file exists at ms0: / seplugins / time / text / {game-id}. Txt it will be loaded.
- Added support for FreeCheat patch files. Only one patch file can be used for game and Should Be Placed in ms0: / seplugins / Weather / patches / {game-id}. Pat. Then select "Load Memory Patch" from the PRX tab.
- Menu display key No Longer interferes with menu options.
- Copy cheat Actually now copies the code lines INSTEAD of just the code name.
- Two internal changes to the files must be deleted config.bin If They exist. If They are not deleted May there be issues using the disassembler and browser functions.
- Renamed to POPS lite version as it now works in game mode as well, not just POPS. The only difference to the lite version has the normal version is Lack of USB support.
- Optimized the source, reduced by ~ 25KB uncompressed PRX size.

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