Graf_Chokolo Open for Questions

Despite having his PC and PS3s been surrendered by those Sony scums, graf_chokolo still want to help the scene further by answering technical PS3 questions from current and future developers. Yeah, even a retarded Judge won’t TRO a brain. Well, someone just might be able to continue the legacy of his OtherOS++ project among other things.

PS3 devs, who needs my advice how to install Linux on PS3, just send me an email, SONY didn’t took my knowledge, i still have everything in my head and it’s gold worth I will answer any technical questions and give advice, for free. I do not have my PC and PS3s anymore but i still have my knowledge.
Not sure if this related, but graf_chokolo do have geohot’s attention in this fight.

And graf_chokolo, if you are reading this, get in touch with me if you need help fighting the case. I didn’t blog about it because this sort of stuff is the exact fear mongering Sony wants. And I must compliment you on the release, that’s the kind of balls we need in this fight.
graf_chokolo’s email is grafchokolo [at] gmail, remember not to ask silly, or non-technical questions, they’re likely won’t have any reply.

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