How to Setup PS3 Doom on CFW 3.55 as Seen in my Video

1) Download CFW Geohot and Doom PKG
2) Drag Geohot's Jailbreak PS3Updat.PUP onto a USB drive and Click Software update then From Storage Device (Mine took roughly 5 minutes) (If you already have any CFW SKIP to Step 4.)
3) You will hear 9 beeps and Bloops and get an Install Package Files underneath Game on the XMB
4) Drag Doom.PKG onto a USB drive
5) Go on the XMB under game their will be a tab that says install package files
6) Click and Install Doom.pkg
7) Install WADS on your Hard drive by using FTP (Blackbox FTP V1.2) under /dev_hdd0/game/DOOM0066/WADS
(Here are the WADS)
Only Doom, Doom 2, TNT and Plutonia is Supported

Requested by: DeadlyAngel91792

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