PS3 DevkitPRO-Addons v0.03 BETA: Windows Installer with PSL1ght V2

Miigotu has started some new really good stuff for the current and upcoming developers out there and also not to forget, the whole scene. The DevKit PRO has been put together by tons of his work as well as from the work of others particularly in PSL1GHT sources, of course. Well, that’s how the all new PSL1GHT-V2 comes to light.

[01:08] its a devkit with psl1ghtv2, using an installer on windows
[01:08] psl1ght-v2 we are still working to port some things
[01:09] but the rest is rock solid

To make it clear this is an excerpt from DevkitPRO-Addons git.

This project aims to create a set of addons for devkitPRO, to be released in an installer application for windows and possibly linux later.

A customized install of mingw right inside the devkitpro folder and preconfigured, for compiling or cross compiling in new toolchains or tools.

DevkitPS3 comprising of :
PPU toolchain
SPU toolchain
PPU Extended Libraries
SPU Extended Libraries

These compnents are based on on shakgur’s toolchain script which was refined from ooPo’s ps3toolchain, shagkur’s psl1ght-v2 derived form psl1ght and my extension and adaptation of ooPo’s ps3libraries.

Well, with that in hand, you can expect some exciting homebrews coming to the scene from them.

[01:10] ps3gui (port of libwiigui), a proper lv2 patcher, ps3flow etc.
[01:10] maybe some adding of sprx plugins ^
[01:10] like the custom prx on psp did
[01:11] Private Paste - Pastie
[01:12] pune has libwiigui completely ported to ps3
[01:13] WiiXplorer - WiiBrew
[01:13] the gui can look like that
[01:14] he has it functional, im sure he is buttoning things up
[01:14] he wrote a connect4 game that shows it off

If you are on Windows and also want to develop something for the PS3, DevkitPRO-Addons is just perfect for you. Just in case though, if you don’t want to install PSL1GHT-V2 you can always compile the old one. Further explanation from Miigotu himself below.

[01:21] they will just have to set $PS3DEV and $PSL1GHT because we dont use those variables, but old psl1ght does
[01:22] heh i put alot of work into getting git to be proper on windows
[01:22] they should remove all mingw and msysgit or w/e too
[01:26] also, if you browse into a git repo it will show what branch ur on
[01:26] (requires one shell restart before it works)
[01:27] bleh everything git just works xD

Alright, enough with that, let’s get straight to the downloadable installer that you’ve been waiting for. Just a reminder, the installer is still in BETA and as you can read above, the PSL1GHT-V2 is still not 100% functional yet. Again, not 100%.

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