PSP Spoofer V0.1: Support for 5.00 to 6.37

PSP body of information "system software" and "MAC address" can be rewritten for the plugin is 5.00-6.37 FW
source: plum via twitter

how to install:
1.extract the rar folder the downloaded folder.
3.plug your psp into usb mode the seplugins folder.
5.drag and drop the spoofer.prx in the seplugins folder;
6.and add the line txt on vsh.txt
ms0:/seplugins/spoofer.prx 1
7,open the ver.txt and make your own version..
sample; 6.37 ME-6™ the mac txt and make your own mac txt.ex;
[hidden] and exit....
10..reset your psp...
11.look at your system version............

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