Dingoo Dingux Password Protection

Protection by Dingux Password
by alex320 Tues, March 22, 2011 - 19:51


I just finished the development of PWD, a protection system password at startup of the console. This program uses the encryption algorithm A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption.

I tested it on my console, it works great!

To install:

+ Copy the file. / pwd / usr / local / apps /
+ Open the file / usr / local / sbin / hand with a text editor and copy the following line before the start command of your interface


cd / usr / local / apps / pwd
. / protect.sh

+ Save and close the file and start the console.
+ The program will ask you to type a password.

PASSWORDS ARE ONLY WITH directional buttons and press START to confirm!

+ This same password will be required at each switch in the Dingoo a320 Dingux!


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