PS3 Iris Manager: Modded Hermes Manager for CFW 3.55

Features of the Iris Manager:

- Support to run games with bigfiles from external USB devices (caching the big file from the internal HDD) – Icon Red.
- New syscall8 and new developed hook with an open_table algorithm on 3.55
- Support for Black Screen games (BDEmu).

Originally Posted by D_Skywalk:

Well, after much playing with the PS3 and "accompany" Hermes Manager support in 3.55 I have finally decided to do my own project which will gradually diverged from the original. It has taken many months to reach this release with syscall8 of hermes and the new hook so I hope everyone enjoyed it and the manager to behave as stable as in our tests.

Originally Posted by D_Skywalk
Note to some developers with close source projects that does not respect the GPL:

If you benefit from this code, then you SHOULD contribute back. And it is very clear how I expect you to contribute back – by providing full access to the COMPLETE system which is using my code. At the core of GPL, the intention is that someone else should be able to make modifications to such a system and build other things from it.

No source? Syscall8 and new hook is not welcomed in your disturbing projects.
I am not interested in any line from your source, but scene play together…

I recommend using this if you are on CFW 3.55.1 Rebug.

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