PS3 E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 R7: Amiga Emulator

Released by developer Ole is the 7th revision of E-UAE (Amiga emulator) v0.8.29 WIP4 for the PS3. For this release, Ole says that the hard disk file(s) can be mounted/unmounted in the options menu and a fix for simultaneous keyboard key presses has been added.


68000, 68010, 68020, 68040, 68060 processor cores
OCS, ECS and AGA chipset
Amiga hi-res (720×576) graphics resolution in 32bit depth
Joystick1, joystick2 (2nd joypad required) and mouse emulation
Options dialog (supports switching of the disk files and more)
Sound in 48000 kHz
Keyboard emulation
Support for loading zip and dms floppy images
Support hor harddisk files
Save-state saving and loading
Reads either /dev_usb000/uae/uae.cfg or /dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00829/USRDIR/UAE.CFG
Configuration during startup!

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