PSP Ultimate Recovery Menu V5: for 6.20TN-D Permanent

The developer TOcean back to update Ultimate Recovery Menu which comes to the v5 version ahead of schedule (scheduled for April 1). This new version, as well as confirming its compatibility with the Permanent D-TN, resolves several minor bugs, adds the useful function of Nand backup and introduces several improvements at the same time removing useless features.The developer is already working on a v6.

- Removed Battery options
- Fixing Crashes 50%
- Added compatiblity to Restore and Backup your NAND! (I think you can fix semi bricks)
- Added compatiblity 6.20TN for D-patcher with sony logo
- Removed the ISO Driver. (TN have no build in ISOLoader)
- Removing the funtion if it does not work
- You can now delete the vsh.txt
- You can now use waves for 6.xx (Place on ms0: / syrec / ... rename to "'system_pe.rco)
- You can now toggle flash1 (you can not toggle with version 4)
- You can now disable plugins
- 65% Compatiblity

The Ultimate Recovery Menu has been tested on PSP 1004, 3004 and Go!

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