PSP Seplugins Manager v1.2b1: Manage Your Seplugins

The developer 5h4d0w back to update seplugins Manager, homebrew to run quickly and safely right plugin.
The ability to disable certain functions homebrew, now approaches the password protection.

- Fixed a huge screw up (Actually it WORKS now).

Added built-in configuration editor
+ The editor is password-protected
+ The password is encrypted

The config file is now stored in "Flash3: /"
+ May Previous users delete "config.cfg" from the app directory

The color scheme is now stored in "theme.cfg" in the app directory

Fixed multiple bugs (Thanks everyone who Reported them!)
+ Introduced new bugs

The config file is saved separately from the texts plugin, saving will not save the other one
No, saving to "Flash3: /" will NOT brick your PSP. There is ZERO% chance of a brick.

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