PS3 Venix Manager Pro V1.0 (Beta): Added New Features

Venix Manager (multiMAN Clone) has been updated to v1.0 this version includes new format and server covers, New syscall of Drizzt, also adds a new version of the payload, plus a few fixs and more..

Today I bring you a new version of Venix Manager, made ​​some changes using the syscall drizzt I also made some improvements in payload.
I also added a new server to download skins, holding Left + L2.


• New formats cover (cover)

• New server Cover.

• New syscall of Drizzt

• New version of the payload

• Improved performance for internal copies.

• Fixed bug in file corruption.

• Added check GAMES divided (.666 xx)

Although not a major update and decided only a few mistakes, I am now working with the execution of homebrew'll post soon

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