Blogger Tutorial: Auto Scrolling Recent Posts Thumbnail Widget

What is up guys?
I do plan on getting my tutorial section up and going so here is a tutorial on how to get an Auto Scrolling Recent Posts Thumbnail Widget.

1) Click Add a Widget from your Blogger Template Settings
2) Choose HTML/Javascript
3) Paste this Code into the Empty Box

4) If you wish to change the amount of posts shown change var numposts = 7; to whatever number of posts you would like displayed.
5) Make sure you don't forget to replace with the url of your blog.

Other Information:
- The thumbnails Display on the right
- The movement when the posts display changes is 'up'
- If no thumbnail is on the post it will display a NO IMAGE.
- If you are already using another feed display widget on your blog they may conflict and one may only show

If you have any problems I'll be sure to answer all your questions if you leave a comment below with an email or social network account and not as guest.

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