PS3 Showtime TMDB Plugin Released

Quote (FacanFerff):
That’s right! We’re again at that time a new release comes to Showtime and this time is the newest plugin for TMDB, featuring a different experience from anything you could find before in Showtime.

I hope you enjoy this release, so now the instruction to get it:

First of all, it requires Showtime 4.1 at least.

Method 1 (both standalone and multiMan embedded Showtime):
Download Here
Put zip archive at dev_hdd0/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins or if you use Showtime through multiMAN
- Put the zip archive in:

Method 2 (only for standalone Showtime, thanks wizzkidd):
Download Here or Here
Install the pkg normally.

Method 3
multiMAN edition Pkg Download Here

Special thanks:
- andoma: for creating Showtime
- Tyrant: for beta testing the plugin
- wizzkidd: for the pkg installs

1. I found some issues, had crashes or have suggestions, where can I inform the developer about them?
Official source: #showtime
edited by Tyrant

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