PS3 Condor Updater v3.0 Released

Quote (Condorstrike):
Hi guys, I took a short break from Pointman, my upcoming PS3 Homebrew video game, and decided to investigate what Sony did to prevent Condor Updater from working on 4.xx. After some coffee and hair pulling it seems the culprit was one of my protection checks implemented in v2.0, so I re-wrote it and added a nice PIC1.PNG and ICON0.PNG, and now it works on 4.xx CFWs.

- Re-wrote code to make app compatible with 4.xx CFWs.
- Cleaned Code and removed unneeded LV2 patch protections.
- Replaced loading method.
- Replaced ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG.

Hope you Enjoy it… CAW!

PS: I don’t have a NAND-PS3 to test with, so I don’t know if It’ll work on those models.

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