PS3 MultiMAN v04.01.00 Released

Today developer Dean K has managed to put together a new version of MultiMAN updated with support for REX Rebug CFW. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

- Added full support for 4.21REX (REBUG) firmware
- Added support for 4.21REX in DEX full mode (DEX flash + DEX lv2 kernel)
- Added support for PS1 disc backups for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode
- Added support for direct-disc-access for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode (data CD/DVD/BD discs)
- Added support for flashing 256MB NAND *.EID0.NANDBIN backups
- Users with broken BD drives can use 4.21REX in DEX mode with fake BDEMU stick/image for 100% game compatibility

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're using DEX mode in 4.21REX, use this CEX version of mM (do not install the reguar DEX mM which is only for official dex firmwares).

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