Some Good and Bad News

Today we just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what is to come.

Good News
- We are working night and day posting up the latest and greatest homebrew news
- We are working on getting our tutorial section up and running
- We are working on improving the downloads website with categories
- Downloads Site is getting a new template as soon as I am finished with it
- Mobile site is back by visiting (iWebkit on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android Device will automatically redirect you if you plan on viewing on the go.
- We added an auto scrolling widget above the posts to keep you informed on other posts that you may have missed.
- Recently bought a MAC 8GB ram 750GB HDD MD102LL/A (Perfect for uploading, downloads and posting for you guys)
- The search function on this site forces the popular posts and the whole right sidebar to the bottom of all the posts (We are FIXED this issue with the template forcing width) Have a look by searching. Moved to Good News

Bad News
- Disqus is not working on the tutorial sections pages (It still uses the stupid google comment box)
- PS3GameFixes.Blogspot has closed. (Nothing really to say other than it was a dead end)
- Our Autoscrolling Widget and Recent Downloads Widgets Conflict with each other causing the Recent Downloads Widget to not show unless you click on the Downloads Button on the right sidebar.
(Not sure on how to fix this as they both use a feed to read one for the other for (Not sure how to fix for now)

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