PS3 MultiMAN v04.11.12 DEX & CEX Released

Today developer Dean K has managed to update a few things on his backup manager MultiMAN. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

- Fixed LV1 peek/poke for 4.21REX in DEX mode + DEX lv2_kernel
- Added back IDPS display in "System Information"
- Added preliminary support for 4.30CFW with LV1 peek/poke syscalls (sc 8/9) or lv1 mmap patch (hvsc 114)
- (if such CFW is released then direct-disc-access/PS1 disc backups should work)
- Increased number of supported simultaneous FTP transfers to 8
- FTP user/password can be anything
- Added support for "Change BD-Movie Region" function for 4.30CFW
- Updated Showtime to 04.01.224

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