PS3 Assassins Creed III DLC Unlocker Released

Today developer DUPLEX left us with a big surprise giving all PS3 Custom firmware members access to all of the unlockable content from the title Assassins Creed III. Check out the release notes and the download link below.

With this .pkg you can unlock the following content :
Captain of the Aquila's Uniform
Traditional Colonial Assassin Outfit
Obwandiyag's War Club
Pirate Flintlock
Boarding Axe
Scottish Flintlock
Upgraded Naval Convoy
New colors for the Aquila
Lost Mayan Ruins
Ghost War privateer contracts
Sinking a Secret privateer contracts
Sharpshooter Package

Redcoat Package Notes:
Install the game and use our 3.55 Eboot Patch if needed, then install this pkg and restart the game. All unlocked content will be displayed on first start.

 Enjoy Tested on CFW 3.55 with :

Download Here

If you need the EBOOT Fix feel free to check out this post

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