PS3 SDAT Creator Released

Today developer Oakhead69 has put together an SDAT Creator that allows you to create a V3 SDAT File from decrypted data. Check out the release notes and the instructions below.

You first need to decrypt the original V4 SDAT file.
You can use extttdpk coded by asmodean asmodean's reverse engineering page - news and updates to decrypt it.
This needs to be done on a PS3 with >3.56. e.g 4.21.
There are compiled versions of this on the web for example link
You need to modify the file decrsdat.lst with a list of SDATs to be decrypted e.g

# input_file output_file
/dev_hdd0/model_shader_pack.SDAT /dev_hdd0/model_shader_pack.dat
There is code available that can decode V3 SDATs on the PC, but we can not decode the V4 SDATs as we do not have the EDATKEY1 that has a SHA-1 of 6ECDFEC0A11890C1F2A689062D3EFE562317B2FB. Once we have this key V4 SDATscan be decrypted on a PC.

This program is also useful for modifying the contents of SDAT file for language conversions etc. I know that this has been requested by people in the past. Now 
we can do it.

To use the SDAT Creator:
1) Provide the decrypted data as input to the SDAT creator.
2) Specify the output SDAT file.
3) Optionally provide the original V4 SDAT file and it will then use the hashes 
etc from this file otherwise it just uses some default values..
4) Press the 'Create SDAT' button and that's it.

The code I have provided is based on KDSBest's C# port of the Java code written 
by JuanNadie. Any keys used in the code are already publicly available on the 

Most of the information I used to create this program was gained from this post 
NPDRM Self algorithm.
Big thanks to JuanNadie, KDSBest and others that posted on this thread.

I have used it to create successful patches for 
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (BLUS30842) 
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (BLES01686).

For Sports Champions 2.BCES01598 there are other issues with the EBOOT.BIN that I can not fix.
For Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers.BLES01604 the V3 SDAT files to not work even 
on 4.21. I think this is because they contain elf files and V3 SDATs do not 
support executable content.
Men.In.Black.Alien.Crisis.BLES01549. This should work but it has a 4gig+ sdat 
file, but I have tested my creator can handle files of this size.
Disney.Epic.Mickey.2.The.Power.of.Two I have noticed that this has sdat files but I have not had any time to look at them.

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