PS3 Universal Media Server v2.0.0 Released

Today the UMS Team has released an updated version of Universal Media Server. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

Design facelift
Added support for more file archive formats (7-Zip, gzip and tar)
Improved DVD and ISO support
Fixed ASS/SSA subtitle position when using overscan compensation
Fixed a rare bug where videos played at half-speed
Updated JRE auto-download to 7u9 (latest)
Admin permissions notifications work on Windows 8 (before they only worked on 7 and Vista)
Fixed the FFmpeg Audio engine
Updated English settings/descriptions
Made some log messages more descriptive
MEncoder's "A/V sync alternative method" option is applied correctly again
Fixed error while loading iPhoto library
Updated many program dependencies to benefit from many bugfixes
Fixed bug where disabled engines would be picked
Updated links on the Help page
Made renderer config layouts more synchronised
Added a button to uninstall the Windows service
Removed fontconfig from MEncoder for Mac OSX for improved subs compatibility
Made names in the transcode folder shorter by removing redundant information
The user preference to hide file extensions is applied to the transcode folder subfolder names

External components:
Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB42, which:
Runs faster
Improves audio/video sync
Faster handling of ASS/SSA subtitles
Improves DVD support

Updated FFmpeg to SB3, which:
Fixes memory leaks
Fixes other bugs

Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.61, which:
Fixes MKV framerate detection bug
Fixes E-AC-3 duration detection bug
More reliable DTS bitrate detection

Updated Java Service Wrapper to 3.5.15, which:
Improves Windows permissions handling

Added support for Sony Bravia HX800 TVs (thanks, lelin!)
Enabled streaming more file formats to Android devices
Improved DivX support on Panasonic devices (thanks, ExSport!)

Plugin Management:
Created new "Plugin Management" tab
Added button to edit the plugin credential file
Improved plugin installation process
Added button to reload available plugin list
Updated author column of plugin installer to include maintainers
Added "version" column to plugin installer

Turkish flag added for the transcode folder
Updated settings labels for all languages

(For Windows, MAC, Linux)

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