PS3 Ratchet And Clank QForce DLC Unlocker NPEA00378 by DUPLEX Released

Today developer DUPLEX is back to bring us another DLC Unlocker for the PS3 Title Ratchet and Clank QForce. Unfortunely this DOES NOT include an EBOOT fix for CFW 3.55 users. Check out the release notes and the download link below.

Release Notes:
Included DLCs :
Classic Pack : Play as one of three Ratchet x Clank fan favorites.
Includes Helga, The Plumber, and Hot Bot skins!

Future Pack : Play as key characters from the Future trilogy.
Includes Alister Azimuth, Rusty Pete, and a war-crazed Agorian.

Miniboss Pack : Thanks to Big Al's incredible de-bigification ray,
the B2 Brawler and Chainblade are now ready for the battlefield! As a bonus, we even included a Tyhrranoid. Don't invade a planet without one.Pack includes B2 Brawler, Chainblade and Tyhrranoid skins.

NPC Pack : This collection includes more loveable characters from the Ratchet x Clank universe. Includes the Smuggler, Skrunch, and CaptainQwark's xNurse Shannonx? disguise from Ratchet x Clank Future: A Crack in Time!

Pirates Pack : Ahoy, matey! Here be a crew of undead space piratesto pillage the battlefield with! Pack includes 3 pirate skins.

Predators Pack : How do you take a T-Rex, a Great White Shark, and a Grizzly Bear and make them even cooler? By putting them in armored space marine suits, of course! Pack includes T-Rex, GreatWhite Shark, and Grizzly Bear skins.

Robot Pack : Are you anti-squishy? Do you long to trade your soft,weak epidermis for steel and circuitry? Then try this collection andplay as Phoenix II custodians Bleep, Bloop, and Blip!

Villain Pack : The greatest villains Ratchet x Clank have ever battledare now in one vile, galaxy-conquering collection. Includes Chairman Drek, Dr. Nefarious, and Emperor Percival Tachyon skins!

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