PS3 Install Package Files (Standalone Application) Updated

Today developer Dean K has decided with the release of the new MultiMAN version to release a new version of Install Package Files Application. (For some odd reason no versions) Check out the changelog and the download link below.

Supports split pkg files named in the following format:
- filename.pkg.0 -> filename.pkg.63
- filename.pkg.001 -> filename.pkg.064
- filename.pkg.66600 -> filename.pkg.66663

Upon launch/refresh the following folders are scanned:
- /dev_usb***/
- /dev_usb***/PKG
- /dev_usb***/packages
- /dev_hdd0/PKG
- /dev_hdd0/packagesUpdated stDISC application (better drive reset timing and support for 4.30CFW)

- Updated gameDATA, bdRESET and lastGAME applications to support 4.30CFW
- Updated showTIME media player (standalone) to version 04.01.264 (CEX/DEX)

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