PS3 MultiMAN 04.14.01 Released

Today developer Dean K has released a new version of MultiMAN. To install 04.14.01 you must have 04.14.00 version installed. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

- Checking for game updates will also check GAMEI folder on external USB drives for installed game data
- Using NTFS/PFS driver with configured USB.CFG allows for any number of partitions
- If a broken cover is detected it is re-downloaded from the update server
- Fixed cover issues in 8x4 (and other display modes) when cover is missing or broken
- Added 300 new covers to the update server (over 5600 PS3 game covers available now)

[* Install Package Files] function in mM supports:
- up to 256 pkg files
- split pkg files
- sorting
- queued PKG indication (in red)
- multipart (split) PKG indication (in yellow)
- copy/transfer progress
- Scanned locations: /dev_usb*** /dev_hdd0 /dev_bdvd in /PKG /packages and root folders
- Split files format: .0 - .63 / .66600 - .66663 / .001 - .064
- Supports both "PSN (Bubble)" and "Standard" install methods

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