PS3 SGK CFW 4.31.1 Released

Today the SGK Team behind the SGK Spoofer Tool has released their first version of CFW Check out the release notes and the download link given below.

Release Notes:
Hi all, What better than to come back with this kind of news!

Our friend and SGK developer releases today the result of hard work. Indeed, in the shadow he worked to bring us a CFW with features interesting and not yet seen the new CFW 4.xx

The basis of this CFW is based on the REX Rebug CFW 4.21 which is the most stable and most successful of the moment. He added the Debug menu and Rebug Package Manager for our greatest pleasure.

Some files from firmware 4.30 which ensures compatibility for the latest keysets. So you can play your backups favorites without a patch or fix. 4.31 is a spoof includes access to PSN and avoid unintended updates.

- PSN access
- Debug menu displayed in setting
- Rebug package added
- Implementation of parameters Rex 4.21.1 Rebug cfw
- Lv1 Lv2 and recompiled
- Patched Peek & Poke
- Coldboot replaced
- Coldboot game replaced
- Theme changed from dynamic watch dogs
- More corrections ...

Testers and developers: consolehackdev; SGK_84

We are NOT responsible if you were to damage your console in installing this custom firmware. You understand all risks that you may endure when installing this. This will void your warranty and you should prepare by having a flasher nearby just incase. Please note that this is considered an experimental CFW.

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