How to Patch PS3 Games With DarkEBOOT Fixer for CFW 3.55

What is up guys?

I've received some emails on how you can resign EBOOT.bin for CFW 3.55. I found that DarkEBOOT Fixer is the best tool out there so far as it has potential to patch .SPRX, Decrypt EBOOT.bin into EBOOT.ELF and to even Repackage if you have the right files.

Click the screenshots for a Larger View.

So Let's Get Started...

1) Download DarkEBOOT Fixer v4.0 and Launch the DarkEBOOT_ENG.exe (He has also included a ITA version in his release folder)

2) It should look like this:

The above image shows the start screen of DarkEBOOT Fixer
3) Choose your input for this we are going to press 0 to Decrypt EBOOT (Generate EBOOT.ELF) Needed to resign the Eboot.bin's Firmware. (Make sure the EBOOT.bin is inside of the DarkEBOOT Fixer folder) For Example mine is in (Users/Mateo/Desktop/DarkEbootFixer v4.0/EBOOT.bin)

The above image shows that the Decryption of the EBOOT.bin was successfully completed.
4) Got it so far? So the next step is to input 1 (To Fix EBOOT 3.6+ (3.55 CFW) ) It will search for the EBOOT.ELF and resign it for CFW 3.55.
The above image shows a full resign of EBOOT.bin for CFW 3.55. It will be renamed EBOOT.bin
5) You have now completed the resigning process. The newly made resigned EBOOT with be Renamed EBOOT.bin while the Original will be renamed EBOOT.bin.bak.

6) Next step is to go back to the DarkEBOOT Fixer start screen and input 14 on your keyboard (This will Fix the PARAM.SFO) and now everything is now complete. 

Try out your new fix and report back to DarkGlovy with any problems with the tool. (PS Make sure you use google translate for English to Italian so he could understand you)

Make sure you include your PARAM.SFO along with the GAMEID in your releases.

Stay Tuned!

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